[Spridgets] Sprite-Midget Club

David Lieb dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com
Mon Sep 1 09:22:48 MDT 2008

> Hello William,
>     Actually Bill M. has first claim on anything North of Olympia and
>     West of Snoqualamie Pass. I have only been allowed to Claim
>     Western Washington because he has relinquished his claim TO ME.
>     As far as I'm concerned YOU may have whatever you claim, but you
>     gotta take it up with HIM. .. .. Nonetheless, despite the
>     presence of Vern Olson in Eastern Oregon, Corvalis Bill in
>     Western Central Oregon, Dave G. on the Oregon Coast, and (oh man
>     i'm sorry if forget the name) in the Tri Cities, I STILL CLAIM
>     Pacific Northwest President. Not by virtue of, well not by
>     virtue, PERIOD. just because.  IF anyone want to dispute my
>     claim, BRING YOUR SPRITE, We'll take a drive and have a brew and
>     talk thing out.
> Best regards,
> Bill L.                           

I move that we just rename the region "Billgaria" and let the Bills share.

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