[Spridgets] Removing a cut-off bolt.... Ideas??

B- Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 30 15:47:21 MDT 2008

Vigil wrote:  "And most people i have seen do not drive well when they are
on there phones even with hands free. I do think the first time fine is a
little stiff."


I dunno, the I don't think the $20 first time fine is anywhere *near* enough
for violating the new hands-free cell phone law (Vehicle Code  Sec. 23123 --
http://tinyurl.com/5chxqx ).   Further violations are only $50, IF CAUGHT!
Not really much of a deterrent!  It has to be remembered that there are some
real idiots out there with cell phones.   I have seen them reading the
newspaper on their steering wheel while on the cell phone, checking their
eye shadow while on their cell phone, and trying to turn while on their cell
phone.   The very worse was one of Frank's favorites holding a cell phone to
EACH of her ears while trying to left turn into a Costco parking lot!!!!



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