[Spridgets] Removing a cut-off bolt.... Ideas??

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Mon Jun 30 11:51:27 MDT 2008

Well - click it and set it on your lap. Where does it say it has to be secured
to the bottom?
I am not sure it would go over well with your County Mountie looking for
But if it looks good - who would know the difference until you did get it
Down here in California they are all are looking for the cell phone users not
using hands free starting tomorrow. The new law goes into effect 7/1/2008. I
kind of like it - i do not like talking on the phone when driving. And most
people i have seen do not drive well when they are on there phones even with
hands free. I do think the first time fine is a little stiff.

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Well.... let me see....
I could drive it to the next town, where one of my boys has a goodly
of power
Then I could get the broken bits out and put the seat belts in...

Ooops... nearly forgot; WA state has a "click it or ticket" law and
our LEO's are quite
enthusiastic about the 'ticket' part...

So, if I put the seat belts in, I can drive it to my boys' house, where we
can remove the
broken bits, so I can fit the seat belts, so I can drive it to his house....

Hmmm.... I missed something in there, didn't I?? Catch 22? It's worth
$175 to the state  ;^))

Welcome back to the madhouse, folks...

On 29 Jun 2008 at 20:39, B- Evans wrote:

>> David Lieb wrote:  "An Amish Spridgeter? What will happen when
>> finally get it running?"
>> Silly!   He will just hitch it up to Old Bessie, hang some red
>> lanterns on the boot, and be off to the nearest gymkhana!

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