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James Lempe oldtimealaskan at yahoo.com
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Most of the current plans for Hydrogen powered cars are powered by Hydrogen
Fuel Cells.  The fuel cell produces electricity to charge the batteries.  So
basically you have a battery powered electric car.  There is no combustion of
the H2 it's a chemical reaction. 
Interestingly H2 can be produced from Natural Gas at your home (with the
proper equipment) so for short trips at least you could "fill up" at home. 
The same conversion could be done at the gas station which would simplify the
distribution problem.
Jim in Homer Alaska

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Gas=$8 a gallon,
Hydrogen cost a fraction of that,
People won't worry about that old German Airship.

And, I think H2 may need some O2 to burn.  For auto use, surely it
will be a fuel/air mix, no?
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