[Spridgets] First successful test drive of the season...

Chris Manuel cmanuel at wi.rr.com
Sun Jun 29 18:40:20 MDT 2008

That is encouraging news, going down the same path...

How tall is the mast, do you deploy the 'schut for passing, and how many
lanes does it take to tac?

Kidding of course, and envious. My previous money pit came from your area.
Maybe its your water... :)


Brookfield, WI

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Just had to tell somebody this news:  I took a test drive today and for the
first time this season it started, idled out fairly smooth and ran for the
duration till I got back to the garage.  Seems like a good sign.  So far,
everytime I've gotten ready for a test drive, I've only been successful in
discovering the next weakest link in the systems.  Lets see, there was the
brake hydraulics, then there was the cooling, then the battery, then the
system, then the alternator mounts, then the smoking belt (my bad on the
alignment job there...)  Anyway - I did a bit of driving and made it home
without steam, coolant, fuel, brake fluid or smoke coming out, and all the
bits stayed on too.  Life is good.  (hope I didn't just jinx myself there) 
Will keep you all informed as the driving season progresses.
'71 Midget
Long Island

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