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Not to worry!  I've been around these Spridget guys before.  They aren't going to drink beer.  8^)

(Not to lessen Bill's crucial warning--stay hydrated and stay cool.)

--David C.

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> Oh man! Be careful. Drink lots of water, not beer or coffee which can
> actually draw water out of your system.  
> Or just cut yourself so slack and take the day off; surely it will be cooler
> on Friday, July 4th? 
> I've had heat stroke, due to my own stupidity, and it can really hurt.
> ...bill
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> Thanks to all for their suggestions...
> I'll start pulling the seats out today...
> It won't be a comfortable job... the high temperature for today will reach 
> 106F
> It was already 90F at 11:00 am..
> And my garage is not air conditioned or heated  ;^((.
> Such is life !
> --
> Dave G.   KK7SS
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