[Spridgets] Fwd: [Healeys] Conclave Inquiry

Rick Snover ricksnover at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 26 17:52:21 MDT 2008

If anybody has any ideas to help John, contact him directly:

>Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 16:31:26 -0700 (PDT)
>From: John Kuzman <jjkbj7 at yahoo.com>
>To: Healeys at autox.team.net
>Subject: [Healeys] Conclave Inquiry
>Greetings Friends,
>I am at the Sprite 50th celebration and a question has come up that 
>I agreed to take the lead on making an inquiry. An east coast LBC 
>enthusiast needs help transporting a Bugeye from the Davis?, CA area 
>to the east coast for a non-profit restoration. We thought about a 
>chain transport, i.e.instead of hands across the nation, this would 
>be Healey across the nation. If we could just get it to the midwest, 
>we have people who would trailer transfer it over to the east coast. 
>Anyone have any spare trailer room coming back to the midwest?

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