[Spridgets] Oil ( no direct LBC )

William M. Gilroy wmgilroy at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 01:31:54 MDT 2008

I brought in the politics. But Buster does have a valid point of
questioning the person who delivered that senate report.  While you and
I might not agree with his final analysis there are still 2 questions on
the table:

1)  (and most important) Even if the author of the report is suspect is
that much new money entering the futures market a good thing?  When the
federal regulations changed  it did not work with the Savings & Loans in
the 80's and mortgage back securities of the last few years.  I am not
the person to answer this question I worry that these changes might not
be a good thing.
2)  How did Buster connect the various dot and fill in the blanks about
the author of the report?


B- Evans wrote:
> Larry Daniels wrote: "Buster, are we going to have to listen to your
> never-ending politics all the way until November?"
> Larry, need I remind you that I did not initiate the topic?   Perhaps it
> might be better to take the issue up with those who did.
> Buster 
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