[Spridgets] Head conversion to UNLEADED

shelden3 at pldi.net shelden3 at pldi.net
Wed Jun 25 14:08:03 MDT 2008

>    How  much  should  I  expect  to pay to have my 1275 head converted to
>    UNLEADED fuel?

I wouldn't pay a dime, spridgets and 1000's of other cars are ran daily
that were designed on leaded fuel.  With little to no ill effects.  I
sometimes wonder if that was something that came about when lead fuel was
phased in as a means to make some $$ for installers and sellers of parts.

I can't recall where, but I had read someplace years back that the effects
on a leaded head is so minimal it was not good economy to make the

Just my .02....still filling em with unleaded but not E85!

74 Midget

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