[Spridgets] Envy

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It seems you need to load up everything and move to East Tennessee!  There are
a few of us Spridgeteers and other Brit car people here, so come on down!

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Early on, I had to make a decision:   plan on going to LotO for the 50th
anniversary, or ship my car to England to take part in the John O'Groat to
Land's End run that was planned, then to some of the anniversary
celebrations over there.  Then the planning of a family reunion in England
clinched it.   I would ship the car over and spend the summer in Blighty.

As time passed, my plans began to fall apart.    Our two daughters decided
they had had enough of Southern California, its masses of cars, highways,
high rises, steel, glass, hordes of people moving in, and what seems to be
an imminent annexation by Mexico.   They decided to get while the getting
was good, and went "town hunting".   Both decided on a more pastoral
life in
Central and East Tennessee.  Then, the crushing news.   Both families,
including our four grandsons, would be moving after the school year ended,
most likely in June.

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