[Spridgets] summer school cars

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Buster, you really have a bad attitude.  Might I suggest a Martini or a 
Quaalude?  Or both?

BTW, are you just a wee bit jealous of the guys that got the cheerleaders 
under the bleachers?  Isn't it time to let that go?  I mean that had to be 
many, many decades ago for you.  Maybe longer.


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Robert Duquette wrote:  "Driver's Ed saved my life a few times."

And then they had to drop Driver's Ed so the money could be used for
teaching kids how to balance a checkbook, qualify for unemployment,
appreciate multi-culturalism, and use rubbers when they got the cheerleader
under the football stands.   Of course, the trial lawyers helped by suing
the car dealers who donated the cars to the program when a student was in an

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