[Spridgets] MKII running poorly

Linda Grunthaner grunthaner at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 19:11:38 MDT 2008

As per my running out of gas the other weekend I thought perhaps my Sprite
had a clogged fuel line or crap in the gas tank so I added an additional
fuel filter & replaced the first one with a new one too so I now have a
filter on ether side of the pump so I can see if the tank is clean and it is
crystal clear. But she still doesn't sound right as though she may be
missing. We installed a new valve head only a few hundred miles ago, the
rings were done less then 1K ago I didn't check the plugs yet so I'll do
that tomorrow any other thoughts. She just sounds like she is not herself as
I give it gas it doesn't sound right till 5K RPMs and above and then she
sounds OK and at idle she sounds fine . I suspect fouled plugs from sitting
so long (winter). I'll clean them up and re gap or replace with new. Then I
can always pull each wire and see if all cylinders are firing right?

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