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I don't want to get off on a rant here, but...

"The 'gimme' generation"

Boy, you can say that again.

We have more oil than God beneath US land mass and off-shore and are one of the world's greatest petroleum users.

Yet, while we go begging or otherwise INSISTING the MidEast oil producers pump
more of their finite natural resource to meet OUR needs, we contribute little to nothing to the global petroleum pool 'cause we want a clean environment.

And yet, other countries can maintain a clean environment while concurrently pumping plenty of oil...Norway comes to
mind. Yet we cannot do this!!!

"Gimme, gimme, gimme" while contributing
virtually nothing to what we want, though we are in a position to do so!!! Great global team players, my gov't/Congress. Childishly
selfish would be more like it in this particular respect.

I hope the MidEast oil producers tell us to 
f-ck off. 

My gov't/Congress deserves such treatment for being so short-
sighted. You could see this situation coming 30+ years ago when MidEast
Governments nationalized their natural
resource. I mean, our stupidity in this particular respect is embarrassing! :( 

Cap'n. Bob      '60 :{)

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And when your girls grow up, they will probably be responsible citizens with
a strong work ethic, rather than a part of the gimmee generation.  I have
two grand daughters the same age as your girls who are being raised the same
way.  More power to parents who are not afraid to be parents.  Tell your
daughters that this old lady said they need to thank you for caring enough
to raise them right.



> I have no problem getting kids involved in cars early, they just need to
> the appropriate attitudes shown by the parents- you get what you work for
> no more.
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