[Spridgets] Shake Down Cruise

Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 09:26:28 MDT 2008

LotO Forecast:

Will update this tomorrow, but presently...

Partly cloudy to mostly sunny through the period with highs in the mid to
upper 80s.


On 6/21/08, rrengineer at dslextreme.com <rrengineer at dslextreme.com> wrote:
> Went on a shake down cruise today in 107 degree weather from San
> Bernardino to Fallbrook, California at Bob Kitterer's house.  I figured it
> would be a true test.  I don't know who got the worst punishment, the car
> or me.  Took a day off of work to work on the brakes before the LotO road
> trip.  One thing it taught me is that I will be damn glad to have the
> Bugeye on the trailer behind my air conditioned truck on the way out
> there.  The Bugeye does NOT like hot weather.  Under a load, it backfires
> through the carb over 4000 RPM.  It puked oil out the crankcase vent
> drilled into the side of the block and steamed out almost a gallon and a
> half of water from the radiator just before it got to Bob's house.  It
> also pings under acceleration all the time.  We let it sit for a couple
> hours so the car and myself and my son Justin (he will be at LotO too)
> could cool down first.  I think Justin and I drank as much water as the
> car did to cool down.  After a call to David Anton at APT, we swapped out
> the plugs that were BP6ES to BP7ES.  David says the copper core are the
> best for our cars. He also said it sounds like the car is running lean and
> needs higher octane fuel, not to mention an aluminum radiator from Tom
> Colby.  Well, I may be able to drop some 107 Octane Booster in the tank
> before I leave, I don't think the aluminum radiator is in the cards.  We
> timed the engine to 30 degrees with the adjustable timing light after
> changing the spark plugs.  It runs smoother, but it still pings.  I need a
> different needle in the HIF44 carb and some octane booster.  What's the
> temps supposed to be like in the Ozarks next week?
> Mike MacLean
> 60 Sprite
> 56 BN2
> P.S. Bob says hi to you all and wishes he could be there next week.
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