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New/overhauled motor, Jim?


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Sure your battery is not just run down Jim ?


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Well, its been an eventful day which ended like a bucket of water being
poured over me.  I got the lump back into the Midget today and carefully
double checked everything - or so I thought. Added fluids, checked points
gap, connected up the battery and turned the key.  Fuel pump kicks in - I
give it a little while to get fuel up through the lines again and then
turned it to starter.  Kind of a clicking clunk sound and the starter
doesn't turn.  WTF now??!!   I double checked all the connections from the
battery to the starter and tried it again. Same sound and no starter.  We
have to pack up and leave day after tomorrow for LotO and I still have a few
things left to do for the event.  RIght now I am so depressed I just want to
scream.  It it is a bad ignition switch there's no time left to get one and
install it.  Tomorrow I'll go through all the connections again.  I'm just

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