[Spridgets] summer school cars

Weslake1330 at aol.com Weslake1330 at aol.com
Sat Jun 21 02:30:25 MDT 2008

I am too.  Getting a driving licence in the UK requires a lot of  lessons 
before you can pass the test.  However, it doesn't really mean you  can drive 
once you've passed th test it just means you have a licence to  drive.  For 
example no part of the test will be taken on a 3 lane motorway  and there is no 
instruction on how to join, leave or drive on a 3 line  motorway.
See my other post.

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I'm with  Ron on this one.  I don't have any kids, but, if I did, the most  
important thing that I think I could give them is to learn how to drive  
before letting them out there. 

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