[Spridgets] Sleeving master/brake cylinders - Stainless

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I don't care what you want to do, have one made from gold for all I care.
Most of the people just tried to tell you that there was a master that works
and will last a long time. Stainless is just harder to work with that's all.
I would think that would mean it cost more.  Since you want to do it and
know a place that will do it, go for it and in 50 years you can post "see I
told you so" and twenty people will post but my brass one is still working
too.  I really don't think posting "Don't go to this site" will cost them
any business as you are the only one so far that is going stainless.  They
are using 304 you might ask why not 316? Now if he will make one in 3/4"
from a 7/8" out of 316 with new pistons for the same cost let me know I
might just try one.  Replace your LMA once a year and I bet either one will
last longer than you will. Can we go back to tapered cone bearings with or
with out the spacer now???? 

Fine then,  Tell me all about this virus you got from the site.
I went there, I didn't get infected by anything.
Ed posted that he went there and he did'nt get anything...

Tell me what the problem is and we can email the owner of the website
so they can fix it.

I mean, that is a better course is'nt it?  Instead of broadcasting on the 
email list
"DONT GO TO THIS SITE".  By doing that you could be potentially hurting
his business, Right?

After all, the guy is just trying to earn an honest buck running a 
service.   If his website has been taken over by hackers then he should know
about it.  Right?

Do you want to email him or should I?
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