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uniquelittlecars at yahoo.com uniquelittlecars at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 20 22:23:32 MDT 2008

  It could of been that fancy locking gas cap - Did Buster ever find the key - lol
  I just bought a boot cover for the Morris top when it is down. 58 pounds plus shipping.
  Ruff estimate $125 - Probably a $25 item in the 60's. kind of sick when you compare prices. 

Frank Clarici <spritenut at comcast.net> wrote:
  uniquelittlecars at yahoo.com wrote:
> $1848.85 vs $1820 - 
> Buster they hosed you for $28.85..........lol
Optional tonneau cover.
The tonneau on my new 73 Spitfire was $29.95 but the radio was $65!

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
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