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Bud Osbourne abcoz at hky.com
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Two summers ago, my '72 Midget developed a similar problem to what
you've described.  It turned out to be that a small piece of dirt had
gotten sucked past the air cleaner gasket (DPO had distorted the base
plate for the air cleaner....dumb present owner ignored it for 20+
years), on the back carb, and was interfering with the movement of the
carb piston........really plays havoc with the fuel-air mixture.
I initially thought it might be a fuel supply issue, but, when I
discovered that moving the throttle to wide-open, when the sputtering
began, would cure it every time; I pretty much knew where to look.
Bud Osbourne

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Hi all,
	The last couple of times that I have driven the Midget I keep
this same problem.  The car feels like it is missing as I accelerate.   
The car "sputters" around 3500 RPM's during acceleration.  It actually  
sounds like there is a gurgle while the car is trying to get past 3500  
RPM's.  Before and after 3500 RPM's it seems fine.  This only is  
happening as far as I can tell when I am accelerating and not when I  
am at a constant speed.  The spark plugs were just changed but this  
was happening before they were changed as well if that helps.  Any  

Thanks in advance,

'74 RWA Midget "Mini Lee"
'77 Midget

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