[Spridgets] I am close to getting 5" Libres

Herby herby at herbytoys.com
Thu Jun 19 21:23:25 MDT 2008

You need mag type lug nuts like these http://tinyurl.com/4u3auv

If the link doesn't work search ebay item 250259117681

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herby at herbytoys.com

Several months ago I posted on an LBC site (can't recall which one) my need
for 5" Libre wheels and 2 guys replied one was for a new in the box never
bee opened Libres which he wanted over $1200. for and another for around
$500. I lost out on the cheaper set as I drooled over the new still in the
box ones, btw the lugnuts were still wrapped in plastic on cardboard.
Although if I went for the new in the box Libres I probably would have put
those in the living room to just look at because they should never be on the
road they are that nice. But a few months ago another guy sent me a message
that he was selling another fairly nice set of 5" Libres for $400. I was
still looking at VW buses at the time and didn't follow through in a timely
fashion and he was always hard to get to reply as he was on multiple
business trips but I just heard from him again the other day and I hope to
buy them when he returns from over seas. The 7" Libries I had before were
way way too close for comfort but I think these 5" will do the trick on the
square body Sprite. Will the Moss Motors lug nuts fit these or do I have to
shop around for used lug nuts?

I used to think cars and cycles were obsessive then I got hooked on parts :

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