[Spridgets] Sleeving master/brake cylinders - Stainless vs. Brass

B- Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 19 20:53:04 MDT 2008

Bill Miller wrote:  " The stainless did not "rust"  It was just the mild
steel the brillo pad impregnanted into the surface of the stainless steel"

I should have made myself clear on that point, for it was the steel in the
Brillo pads that, ground into the surface, produced the rust all over.

Bill Miller wrote:   "I believe the tax payers got soaked for $40K by a
company that told you they were ruined to sell some more."

Oh, if it were only that simple.   We are talking about 20 large rolling
racks of various size animal cages, ranging from 12 to 8 cages per racks,
all of which were seriously dirty because of 10 months of improperly cleaned
animal urine and feces.   The "technician" in question took it upon himself
to "clean" these cages without telling the Microbiology Department chairman.
The tech had previously been reprimanded by the chairman on numerous
occasions.  After the rust appeared, the chairman set him to "polishing"
them, but the task was monumental (think for a moment of all the round bars
and junction welds in that many cages).   The tech "could not" clean a
single cage per day.   The problem was compounded by the incredibly
demanding requirements of the FDA, Dept. of Ag, and ALAC (animals are
literally better protected than humans), forcing immediate remediation
before classes resumed.   The only alternative was the purchase of new cages
and racks.  The tech?   Oh, yes, he was also the campus union steward!
Sabotage?  Naw, who would ever think that?

No, I fear it was not any company that screwed the taxpayers.


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