[Spridgets] Almost not LBC finally got a fairly rust free Split Window VW Bus 2nd time arround

Linda Grunthaner grunthaner at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 20:41:51 MDT 2008

My poor little Sprite has been waiting for me to stop whoring around in the
VW world I just bought a 67 Pop-Top VW Westy Bus. It has a factory roof
rack, rare to find ice box and US over rider bumpers. She is currently at my
friends junk yard sharing a trailer with his parents early 60's his & hers
Corvetts waiting to be restored too. I have to buy the glass gaskets
everything is in boxes in the bus but she is a driver and my 66 rusty bus
has good parts to swap if needed. I wonder if she can pull a Sprite to the
camp site : )

BTW when my friend and former student's parents got married they had 10 of
their friends in the wedding party come in there early 60's Vetts both
parents still have his and hers Vetts. (sharing that trailer) I am happy to
say both parents are very good friends but can't live with each other ( I
guess she got tired of all the car parts in the living room.

I see nothing wrong with car & cycle parts in the living room but to keep
peace I keep it all in the garage.

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