[Spridgets] Sleeving master/brake cylinders - Stainless vs. Brass

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Oh no.  That's not good.  The stainless did not "rust"  It was just the mild
steel the brillo pad impregnanted into the surface of the stainless steel.
We used to build a LOT of stainless steel dust collectors for the food and
pharma industry.  You had to be VERY careful not to pick up a wire brush or
sanding disk that was used on mild steel.  If you did, you would get "rusty"
stainless.  The rusty stainless was really just surface rust in the
scratches made by the wire brush or sandpaper.   Now all that has to be done
is to polish the areas, continuously cleaning the wheel to get the "mild
steel" off the stainless steel.  I made my guys get a new one when they were
cleaning up welds on stainless so this would not happen.  You by no means
"scrubbed" the stainless off.  It is stainless through and through - not a
coated metal, if it was coated you couldn't bend it, cut it, weld it, etc
without getting rust.  Yes, stainless is permanent, and no a good grade will
not rust unless something is introduced into it.  Never, ever clean SS with
something made of mild steel.

There are good grades of stainless and bad grades of stainless.  It all has
to do with the ratios of the metals in the stainless.  Bad grades would rust
and are magnetic.  But, each grade has it's purpose.  I believe the tax
payers got soaked for $40K by a company that told you they were ruined to
sell some more.
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Remember, stainless steel is not necessarily "permanent", and *can* rust.
We once had a technician in the science animal house who used Brillo to
"clean" all of the stainless steel animal cages.   The result:   RUST.   And
a $40,000 bill for the taxpayers to buy a complete set of new stainless
steel animal cages (the "old" ones were less than a year old).

So, remember, be careful when you clean anything of stainless steel, and
especially don't use even the finest of steel wool (or Brillo pads) to clean
mineral deposits, dried grease, etc.

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