[Spridgets] Sleeving master/brake cylinders - Stainless vs. Brass

Bill L pythias at pacifier.com
Wed Jun 18 19:44:57 MDT 2008

Hello Ed's,

     i know of apple's horrible reputation, BUT...

     long before i heard of this listserv, let alone knew "better" i
     sent my MC off to Apple. That was about 10 years ago. Before i
     sent it i had to fill the MC to drive to work, 6 miles, and fill
     it up again to drive home.   and now  it
     STILL doesn't leak!......

     they must get it right once in while!

     of course i would never do it again, knowing what i now  know
     about them.

     a not dissatisfied customer...

Best regards,
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