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> I am back in business after a long recovery from back and groin wrenchings caused by over-enthusiastic cutting and grinding on Rusty Rip-off.
> All of my carbs of various vintages appear also to be individually mixed and matched with bits broken off or left off here and there.  
>> 1.  Most of the float valves remain sticky after cleaning.  Is it likely that the needles and seats might be worn in such a way that they bind?  
Probably, the OEM needles and seats fail by sticking open. You should also check for wear in the floats and their pivot pin. The plastic and brass floats are particularly subject to wear in the brass section that will cause binding.

> 2.  One of the front float lids appears to have a non-return ball in it, along with some fuzz that might once have been a fiber washer.  What is supposed to be in there?
That sounds a lot like a Grose Jet. It's a replacement for the OEM float valve. Varnish build-up causes them to stick closed. If they do stick, you can cure it with a little carb cleaner. Some people like them, others hate them. Personally, I'd rather have the valve stick closed.  

The current OEM replacement valves seem to work very well and alleviate at least some of the justification for the Grose Jets.. 

Dave Ambrose

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