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Robert Duquette robertduquette at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 18 12:21:14 MDT 2008

Yeah, I was conscious of Mexico being in NA.  They do make some fine tequila 
there!! :)

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On 6/18/08, Robert Duquette <robertduquette at sympatico.ca> wrote:

 > So ... is there some loophole that allows them to write "Made in USA" on
 > it?
 > I have heard that in Canada, you can advertize as "Made in Canada" if 
 > is a certain percent of the manufacturing done in the country.
It would appear there's nothing stopping anyone from claiming, or at least
implying a product was "Made in USA".

I've heard of a company that has been moving much of their production work
to "best in cost" facilities in Mexico.  At least some of that assembled
product is allegedly then shipped back to facilities in the US so it can be
shipped on to the customer from a "US supplier".

 > BTW, don't take this as me saying that just becasue something is made in
 > North America that that necessarily makes it a higher quality.

Uh hmm, Mexico is "in North America".

>From the sound of the news coming out of said company's quality meetings,
where the production has been moved to Mexico they're taking a beating on
internal quality scores.  Of course that doesn't matter too much _today_ as
it doesn't hit the all important bottom line _immediately_.

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