[Spridgets] @#$%^%^#&^

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Wed Jun 18 10:59:54 MDT 2008

Mostly packed, leaving early Saturday morning towards Elko, and a quick 
check under the bonnet detected a bad looking heater valve hose.  New one 
should be here this evening and swapped in tonight.  One gallon of 
Rotella-T, one gallon distilled water, bottle of Rain-X, two gallon gas can, 
cell phone, laptop(to talk to Megasquirt if needed), camera, GPS, chargers 
for all the above, tools.
Oh yeah, I guess I'll need to wear some clothes, now where to put them?  I'm 
not really paying enough attention to my work today, too busy trembling with 

I'm so into this that I haven't even taken a single part off the new bugeye. 
My wife is in shock that I haven't disappeared under it from the moment it 
came home.  Its just going to have to wait until July.

Glen B

> We are leaving at 0.dark.30 in the morning for Colorado then on to LotO.
> Still got a hundred things to do. Started BUGZUKI this morning and it
> sounded like the fan belt was squealing. After running for maybe 2 minutes 
> I
> shut it off and got out the tools already loaded in the truck to tighten 
> the
> belt. I touched the end of the alternator pulley and damn near fried my
> finger. Smoking hot. So on top of everything else I have to swap out the
> alternator today. Not as simple to get to as the Sprite alternator is.
> @#$%^%^#&^
> _______________________________________________

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