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Robert Duquette robertduquette at sympatico.ca
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So ... is there some loophole that allows them to write "Made in USA" on it?

I have heard that in Canada, you can advertize as "Made in Canada" if there 
is a certain percent of the manufacturing done in the country.

BTW, don't take this as me saying that just becasue something is made in 
North America that that necessarily makes it a higher quality.

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Ahh, Ingersoll Rand, the company based in  Hamilton, Bermuda to avoid US
taxes.  Here's a press release from 1997:
AsiaInfo Services 11-18-1997 Ingersoll-Rand to Produce Pneumatic Tools in
Guilin GUILIN, November 18, AsiaInfo Services, Inc -- The American
Ingersoll-Rand (China) Investment Co Ltd announced recently to establish a
joint venture with Guilin Pneumatic Tool Factory. The name of the joint
venture is Ingersoll-Rand (Guilin) Tool Co Ltd. ...

And from 2007:
Ingersoll-Rand Company has completed the acquisition of the remaining
25-percent interest in Superay International Limited, a manufacturer of
pneumatic tools based in Changzhou, China. Terms of the transaction were not
disclosed. Ingersoll-Rand acquired a 75-percent interest in Superay in a
series of transactions in 2002.

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 > For me, I see this as high end ( correct me if I'm wrong )
 > ( Made in USA contractor grade )

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