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Robert E. Shlafer pilotrob at webtv.net
Wed Jun 18 04:29:28 MDT 2008

"So why does China make rubbish products?"

You're absolutely right, Guy, IMHO....

but unfortunately, the economically healthy
USmiddle class of the 50's/60's who's amount of expendable income justified buying "quality" is something of the past.

Relative income for the working class has generally declined over the years since then to the extent the middle class is slowly disappearing into the upper poor as illegal aliens become the new taxpayer supported super-poor.

The average working class can't afford the quality of yesterday, accordingly. Hell, back in the 50's the avg middle class family could afford a new car every four years and in the late 50's, 2 every 6 years. At least one
was paid for in cash or 6 mos and the 2nd
may have been financed over 12.

And I worked for my Dad and on my own
during summers cutting lawns, etc., shoveling snow in winter and other jobs
held so as to pay for my own Sprites, MG's, etc., over a period a year or 18 mos., max.

Today working class people lease or finance over many years. Government says
cost of living has increased 1500% since mid-60's. Upper level exec. compensation has kept up or exceeded same handily whereas avg. working class relative income 
has declined.

And without "collective bargaining" it's gonna stay that way or get worse.

So per centage-wise of our income we spend the same, but for less quality.

I wonder what one of the original thick/ heavy vinyl or canvas 50's tops with the thick plastic windows  would actually cost today. I betcha around US$800 or so, easily. Maybe even more considering our dollar is tanking beautifully in today's "globalized" world. God, the quality of fabric was so thick and heavy the damn things used to last about forever as compare to today's
thinner, lighter, faster shrinking stuff.

Cap'n. Bob      '60 :{)

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