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Wed Jun 18 01:52:07 MDT 2008

Hi Dave,

Check out Colin's website : http://www.spriteparts.com.au/handbrake.htm

It does work. I had the same problem with my 68 midget. Handbrake pointing
towards the sky, adjusted at the end at the diff and hardly braking at
all. You need to back off completely the handbrake, then adjust your rear
brakes linings and only then, connect the handbrake.

My handbrake now operates at the 3rd or 4th click, though it still is
adjusted at the end under the diff, so Frank is probably right in saying
that cables may stretch.

Max, Belgium
68 and 70 MKIII Midgets

> Dave G. wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> The foot brake can lock all four wheels without excessive travel.
>> The hand brake won't lock the rear wheels!
>> The cable adjuster at the diff is at the end of it's range...
>> What can I do to make the handbrake work like it should ???
> Sounds like you need a new cable, they do stretch over time.
> I have had some luck with one of those cable space taker-uppers.
> Available at most parts stores, it is a hook type thing and it fits over
> the cable, you tighten the nuts and the hook pulls the cable to shorten
> it.
> The only problem is the is no room for this device at the end of the
> cable, you need to install it inside the tunnel and watch it doesn't hit
> the drive shaft.
> I used one once way back and  it worked.
> --
> Frank Clarici
> Toms River, NJ
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