[Spridgets] Warning-Warning-Warning

Paul Herder p.herder at cox.net
Mon Jun 16 19:30:26 MDT 2008

Come on, Frank!  Tell us what you REALLY think!




Frank Clarici wrote:
> Do NOT bye a chinese made air hose from horrible f%*k up!
> I replaced my 16 year old USA hose back in March, I did this because the 
> old hose was showing signs of cracking.
> So today my 90 day old hose blows apart.
> I am taking it back and I am personally going to shove it down the 
> chinks throat and pull it out his EFin RECTUM!
> All 50 feet of it!
> Somebody needs to teach these assholes a lesson and since they have 
> ruined everything they touch, I think I'll be the teacher.
> I feel bad that more didn't die in the earthquake over there. Only 
> 70,000, no wonder, their houses were made in china.

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