[Spridgets] rivergate speedo issues.... worst case scenario!

Andy Webster a_d_webster at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jun 16 02:20:33 MDT 2008

it seems the problem i have lies within the transmission... the speedo output
drive does not turn all the time...broken teeth i guess..
now...do I pull the engine and trans.. and spend a heap on a few piddly
plastic nissan parts? or do I get out the soldering iron and make a digital
speedometer as available here:



I am over pulling the driveline out for now.. digital it will be.

higher priorities include making a wooden dash that can accomodate my legs
better than the standard MK2 sprite dash.
I need to contort to do heel-toe throttle/braking...which you dont really need
to do with the datsun box...but it's fun innit?...and it sounds good.

I am very happy with my new 1275 engine... I really like the barking noise
from the exhaust when you back off the throttle and let the engine brake the
car.. so far it has set off 3 alarms in parked vehicles as I passed them.
thanks again Kent!


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