[Spridgets] Confuse Spridget identity

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Sun Jun 15 11:59:02 MDT 2008

Heh heh---Reminds me of attending the Austin Healey Conclave in Indianapolis a few years ago and going to the car show.   I made my way to the Sprites and was perusing the LBCs when I came upon a real, in-the-flesh ROUND WHEEL ARCH Sprite entered in the show.   At least its tag I.D.'d it as a Sprite.  HAD to be One-Of-A-Kind!   8^)

--David C.

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From: "Jim Johnson" <bmwwxman at gmail.com>
> I finally am getting around to asking this question though I've known about
> it for a while.
> As I have said in other posts, I appear to own a true mongrel Spridget. It
> is registered as a GAN4U Midget and that is what is on the VIN tag on the
> drivers side frame member. However, there are inconsistencies.  The bonnet
> has the chrome arrows on it but the chrome side trim is missing.  In fact no
> sign that it has ever been there when looking inside the wings and boot. On
> the drivers side shock mounting plate, there is the number "61348" which is
> different that the numbers on the VIN plate. The VIN plate is held in place
> by metal tapping screws and not rivets. There are no letters on the shock
> mount plate. Only the 5 digit number. According Horler, that number is in
> the range for 1968 Midgets but why no side trim??  If the tub were from a
> Sprite without the side trim, the number doesn't match the body style.
> Just what the hell do I have here?  Were any Midgets made *without* the side
> trim?!
> "OoooArrr, Jim lad....  She looks like some sorta bastard, she does...",
> Silver muttered with a wry smile - parrot perched precariously on his
> shoulder.  "What man among you put a black spot on the page of a Haynes
> manual??  Arrrr....."
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> Cheers!!
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