[Spridgets] Question re. Torque wrench with extension

Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 09:21:46 MDT 2008

FWIW,  working on motorcycles for 40 years has taught me that "clicker" type
torque wrenches are not as accurate as the old beam and pointer type anyway.
If you've used the old type a lot, you will have a pretty good "feel" for
torques.  I, too, have had a "clicker" that didn't work but I recognized it
right away when I had pulled about 60 ft/lbs worth and no click came. I then
tested it. Set it to 60 ft/lbs and tried it on something requiring 80
ft/lbs. Still no click.  Craftsman replaced it. I tested the new one and
found it working. My calibrated elbow saved me from a broken stud.

Of course, my German bikes are all in newton meters.....    ;-)


On 6/15/08, David Lieb <dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com> wrote:
> >I bought a top of the line Craftsmen about three years ago, figuring that
> >my
> > old Wizard beam type was too old to be reliable. The first time I used
> it,
> > I
> > broke a new Arp bolt because the damn thing wouldn't click. I set it at
> 25
> > pounds, clamped it in my vice, and pulled as hard as I could. It still
> > didn't click. I took it back and they gave me another one, but I've never
> > trusted it. I always end up using the 40 year old Wizard.
> Billy,
> I broke a head on my small-block Chevy 20 years ago with one of the
> Craftsman click-type torque wrenches that they sold 30 years ago. I don't
> trust them either. the beams are not as precise, but they are just as
> precise as the application requires.
> David Lieb
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