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Sat Jun 14 21:30:43 MDT 2008

Brad ,
the problem may have been what brake fluid you used DOT 4 vs DOT 3.  If you put the wrong fluid in it eats the seals.  I bought a new master and slave from victoria british for about $100.  As for bleeding the system I used a piece of tubinmg  and a 50 ml syringe.

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> I got the reworked clutch master back from White Post on Tuesday. Put it in 
> the car that night, and on Wednesday, tried to bleed the system. It didn't 
> work, it kept putting out bubbles, and I didn't know why. I stopped, because 
> I was getting pissed (that is US for angry, not drunk), and it is never good 
> to work on your car when you are pissed. 
> Today, I get back out to the car, and there is a puddle under it. This one 
> is coming from the right side. I crawl under, and see that the slave is now 
> shot. With a week to go until LotO, I now need a 68 clutch slave. AutoZone 
> wants $25 for the seal, and three to five days to get it to me. 
> Peter, Ed, anyone with one on the shelf that is in good shape....?? 
> HELP!!!! 
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