[Spridgets] HELP!!!!!

Brad Fornal tequila.brad at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 17:20:03 MDT 2008

I got the reworked clutch master back from White Post on Tuesday. Put it in
the car that night, and on Wednesday, tried to bleed the system. It didn't
work, it kept putting out bubbles, and I didn't know why. I stopped, because
I was getting pissed (that is US for angry, not drunk), and it is never good
to work on your car when you are pissed.
Today, I get back out to the car, and there is a puddle under it. This one
is coming from the right side. I crawl under, and see that the slave is now
shot. With a week to go until LotO, I now need a 68 clutch slave. AutoZone
wants $25 for the seal, and three to five days to get it to me.
Peter, Ed, anyone with one on the shelf that is in good shape....??




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