[Spridgets] LotO Contrast

Timothy H. Collins thcollin at mtu.edu
Thu Jun 12 13:47:35 MDT 2008

I was reading the local newspaper and noticed an upcoming car event. 
It is quite a contrast to the events planned for LotO. I just can't 
picture a bunch of Spridget folks doing this. Here's a few lines from 
the paper:

"Rubber will burn and motors roar as the Rodbenders CarFest hits the 
streets of Coleman Friday.
     The annual car show's Friday evening "burnout" is what car owner 
Steve Miller called something like a beauty contest for cars. Some 
30-40 cars are lined up along Railway Street to burn rubber while 
standing still, rev their motors and please the crowd."

Maybe Spridget folks still have too many of their own teeth?? LOL

Tim Collins

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