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   Hi Linda,

   Yep,  that  is it.  I have to say that the top looks excellent on a MK
   II Sprite!  I would like to get a hold of one also.  I wonder how many
   were made?

   Mike C

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     Mike, Donna & Spridgets,
     Is  this  the  hardtop you describe? If so it is called Warwick and
     yes  made  by  Healey. It will fit the square MKII & III as well as
     the  Bugeye  although  looks  best on the MKII or MKIII (windowless
     side  curtain square body Sprites). I've been looking for one for 2
     years  ever  since  saw  one  on  a square body Sprite while I read
     several  articles  on the Healey Co. and so far I only found one in
     the UK. Unfortunately even though it was on eBay the owner wouldn't
     let  me  bid  because  I  couldn't pick it up. From what I've heard
     these  Warwicks  will sell for approximately $1500. if you can even
     find  one  although I am determined to own one so I'll just have to
     save up and keep looking. I think the one in the UK (needed lots of
     work)  sold for around $400. to $600. US dollars even with shipping
     overseas it would have been a great deal. They are so cool : )
     Happy motoring,
     Sorry  you  all can't see the image, but if interested I'll send it
     to those interested. I can't seem to find the website for it I only
     have a pict file.
     62 California Sprite "Pinky"

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     Hey you Spridgeteers,
     Does  anyone  know  who or is the owner of the iris blue '63 Sprite
     with  very rare Healey hardtop that raced at VIR last weekend?  The
     hardtop  was really neat and the Sprite was excellent.  I beautiful
     car with the right period size tires.
     Mike C

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