[Spridgets] LotO meet show questions..

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Wed Jun 11 14:35:15 MDT 2008

I agree. Take it to the show. Most of the time i take my Morris i am the only one. Every one seems to love telling a story and looking at the car. If you have not seen my car. It is a daily driver that the PO painted by spray cans. Looks ok from 15ft and in pictures. I go for my own enjoyment. I like seeing how people do other things to there car for ideas too. Most of all it is talking to others who are interested in British cars. I have even made a few new friends who live close by.. 


David Lieb <dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com> wrote:
  > Is there any reason for a car with a 5sp tranny, an Aussie boot
> badge, carpet, Judson, and Moss air ducting to enter the show or is
> it just a waste of the judges time?

Since it is NOT a judged show, but rather an event voted on by your peers, I 
think you should enter the show. A wel-engineered and executed front-tilt 
bonnet conversion would be a plus in my eyes (since I am intending to go 
around photographing those so that I can decide how I want to do mine). 
Rather than thinking of it as a car show, think of it as a great parking 
place from which to go around and admire everybody else's Spridget. Besides, 
what higher goal in life is there than to waste the time of a bunch of 
concours judges?
David Lieb 
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