[Spridgets] LotO meet show questions..

Weslake1330 at aol.com Weslake1330 at aol.com
Wed Jun 11 10:30:49 MDT 2008

Who won the best modified car at Sprite Jubillee?  Enquiring minds  want to 
In a message dated 11/06/2008 02:14:56 GMT Daylight Time,  
spritenut at comcast.net writes:

at  Sprite Jubilee, Most 
people vote for the the nicer cars, many vote for  their own cars
I think cause there were 1 or 2 votes for several cars that  were just 
OK. But the winning Bugeye deserved it and they did win by a  landslide. 
MKIIs were real close because the competition was close, and I  know both 
1st and 2nd place winners personally, they both are list members  and it 
was a tough call. MKIII was a hands down as was  MKIV.

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