[Spridgets] LotO meet show questions..

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Tue Jun 10 19:42:25 MDT 2008

So, Frank, tell us which listers are the proud winners at Sprite Jubilee so 
we can all give them the clap.


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The red car wins, even if it looks like it was painted with a roller. :)
Having had the opportunity to count the votes at Sprite Jubilee, Most
people vote for the the nicer cars, many vote for their own cars
I think cause there were 1 or 2 votes for several cars that were just
OK. But the winning Bugeye deserved it and they did win by a landslide.
MKIIs were real close because the competition was close, and I know both
1st and 2nd place winners personally, they both are list members and it
was a tough call. MKIII was a hands down as was MKIV.
We will have Midgets too, there is another 4 or 5 classes.
As a side note, PLEASE vote for the deserving car, not the red one ;)
and Do give some thought to a vote for your own car, if you and your
wife are the only voters on your car, it's pretty much a wasted vote. A
vote that could break a tie in your class. I mean if your car is
exceptional, then by all means vote for it. If you have ripped seats and
rust bubbles, and the car next to you is perfect, vote for the deserving
car. I know everybody's car is better than the next guys :)

I will be ripping apart the 58 as soon as it gets home to get rid of the
"originality" crap like a generator, regular, Lucas super dim headlamps,
and the monster steering wheel.
My son wants to keep it *original* for the 50th meet. Tonight at dinner
we discussed an alternator the day we get home, the wood steering wheel
and some H4s so he can use the car and maybe see the road at night.
But it is a 58 and it's sporting the Aussy boot badge in the wrong color
no less!

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
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