[Spridgets] LotO meet show questions..

Lester oldsaabguy at comcast.net
Tue Jun 10 13:39:10 MDT 2008

.. and another thing, I have noted that at "real" concours the judges  
want things to work, to be as close to original as possible..  does  
this give me an advantage since I have lousy oil pressure and very  
dim headlights..  man this car show stuff provides endless  
questions...  ;-)


.. but really.. aboot (Canadian spelling) the 5 speed..

On Jun 10, 2008, at 2:25 PM, David Lieb wrote:

>> I'm blaming the time difference for not keeping up here!
> So don't dodge the question! What should be the effect of a 5-speed  
> at the
> car show?
> I have them in both cars that I am taking... Not that I have  
> anything to
> worry about at a car show.
> David Lieb

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