[Spridgets] LotO meet show questions..

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Tue Jun 10 09:20:08 MDT 2008

Show up with the bugs and nicks of a fun road trip and show them with pride. 
Your car will look 100% better than the cars that don't show.  Mine's going 
to look like it usually does, mediocre garage paint job, half-a$$ polishing 
on the remaining annodizing, tatty daily-driver interior and the schmutz of 
2200 miles coating the engine compartment.  I don't plan on prying my butt 
out of the seat after five days and washing and waxing a car.  Not going to 
happen.  I plan on showing in the "Blue-collar lunch pail" class and I 
expect the trophy.  "Most interesting thing pulled from a radiator" and 
"Most varied collection of fast food wrappers in footwell" awards will be in 
my sights as well.

The hardtop will be an Albatross around your neck for at least some part of 
the trip despite the gas savings.  Side curtains make long drives less 
punishing, a Judson on a 948 is fun, a 5-speed is a gift from the gods, and 
if the trailer queens bother you, come over and hang with the other jealous 
guys like me who will be making catty comments about them while secretly 

See you there!

Glen Byrns

> Ok,
> I do not have a concours Bugeye but...
> Does one put up the top and side curtains or stow them properly?
> Should on put the hardtop on instead?
> Does a Judson hurt or help?
> Does a Datsun tranny hurt too much?
> How serious is this going to be?  Is there any reason to enter
> anything other than a trailer queen?
> Thanks all,
> Lester

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