[Spridgets] LotO Autocross / Judson and 5 speed questions

Mark mark at nashvilletn.org
Tue Jun 10 09:19:11 MDT 2008

Sounds like a "Bracket Autocross"

How about we just require that the guys with the hot cars drink a 6 pack
before their run?

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  How about.....

  1) Every entrant runs a qualifying course ... e.g. Straight out, a 180 at
  far end, 5 cone slalom on the way back, stop in the box.

  2) similar times go in the same group

  3) Run the event on the real course

  4) Anyone that betters his time by more than 15% gets bumped up to the
  appropriate class...   (sleepers !!!).

  Just a suggestion

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