[Spridgets] rivergate speedo adaptor...issues

Andy Webster a_d_webster at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jun 8 23:46:54 MDT 2008


I should probably just email rivergate with this...and i probably will CC
them...  but anyway...

My speedo dosen't work, it did for a while, but i think i may have determined
To start with:

the adaptor works.. (i.e. the internal gears are driving)
the cable isn't broken..
the trans speedo output turns when the car moves

But when i stick it all together (for which you need double jointed hands
whilst the trans is in the car) it works intermittently or not at all.

what i have noticed is that the rivergate adaptor input drive spindle (the one
which engages the datsun box's speedo output drive dog) can move in-out along
its axis about 1/4 inch. Whilst it still transmits through the adaptor in
either the in or out position, I am thinking that whilst it is "out" it is too
deep in the output bit of the trans for the little dog bit to engage, and the
trans bit just spins around it.

Can anyone tell me, is the adaptor's drive spindle supposed to move along its
length as i have described?
Did any other rivergate users have this problem?

As my tacho is shot too, i have bugger-all idea how fast I am going without
any guages working.



PS apologies for the vague references and crappy terminology.

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