[Spridgets] Click-adjust..

Bill L pythias at pacifier.com
Sat Jun 7 20:48:20 MDT 2008

Hello Dave,

     i have to say ... that WITHOUT the click-adjust, i would never
     be at this learning point. This car is the first time in my life
     that i have had the opportunity to learn auto-mechanics.. (not
     addressing the fact that i chose other things to spend my time on
     instead... and anyone who says they always wanted to do X in "the
     worst way but never had the opportunity are lying to themselves,
     because they WOULD HAVE DONE IT if they wanted it THAT badly..
     but i digress)...

     if i hadn't ever bought one, i would never have been BRAVE enough
     to take off the valve cover let alone tackle the adjustment
     job/chore...... AND i would still be using it IF i hadn't found
     out that my math, tho technically correct, was still faulty
     because of my assumptions about Threads Per Inch, and forgetting
     about Rocker Ratio... .. If the recommendation for lash had been
     stock .012 Cold, for my engine, i would never have questioned its
     effectiveness at all.......still trying to figure out how to get
     it calibrated, so i can go BACK to using it!... until that time,
     tho, the tried and true method serves......

Best regards,
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