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I bought a click-adjust.  Wasn't impressed at all.  It is in my tool box and whenever I adjust the valves I go with the old feeler guage too.  Don't waste your money.

--David C.
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> Hello,
>        The weekend is upon us. Most of us in the Pacific Northwest are
>        THANKFUL for global warming.. otherwise it might be FREEZING
>        out here.. today's high is less than 60 degrees, and yesterday
>        Vancouver BC set an all time record for the lowest high
>        temperature for the date. At least there's NO chance for
>        sunburn as there are only a few slivers of BLUE sky to be
>        found... man, am i looking forward to heading EAST for LoTO...
>        All that said, i did have a chance to warm up the engine and
>        adjust the valves with feeler gauges instead of the
>        Click-Adjust... hmmmm .. looking for .018 HOT.. had everything
>        from .015 to .O21. So much for consistency with the fancy
>        tool..... so now they're all set to the same thing... next,
>        I'll find out what this setting is COLD so i don't have to warm
>        up the engine first to set the valves..
>        and i may have to set the carbs.. the idle seems higher now
>        than before.... .. hmmmmmmmmmm?  !
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