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Guy Weller guy.weller at tiscali.co.uk
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Before you reassemble, shorten those two slave cylinder bolts and grind a
slight pointy bit on the end. It will make re-fitting and removal very much

If you just remove the slave cylinder and leave it connected with its
flexible pipe, then there should be no need to re-bleed it - assuming it was
working OK before.

Ring gears can look quite bad but be perfectly OK. There is a chamfer on the
rear edge of the teeth that gets burred over but that is acceptable and not
to worry over. That said, replacing a ring gear seems a bit scary in case it
goes wrong, but very easy when you actually do it!

Sounds like you did pretty well. It takes me 1hour 15mins to remove engine
and gearbox together, but then I have done this quite a few times.   ;-)


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Got home early enough to start on the engine pull. Printed out the list
and hit the garage.

Pretty much uneventful. Biggest challenge was unbolting the slave from
the transmission. Finally figured out I was going to have to undo the
top bolt through the little access hole on the passenger side. What a
PITA! Is there a better way? That cost me a lot of time. Putting it back
in should be a joy... I'm planning to replace the slave and the hose,
which appears to be vintage... Bleeding via the access hole looks
challenging as well...

Split the transmission off as well. Looks like I need a new ring gear too...

It took roughly 3 hours total - not too bad considering thats the first
time I have ever pulled an engine.


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