[Spridgets] Honda CV Joint

Mike Rambour mikey at b2systems.com
Fri Jun 6 10:45:47 MDT 2008

kentmclean at comcast.net wrote:
> Lester wrote:
>> I agree with you an almost all points.  Except for this one:
>>> Bad CV joints won't strand a car, someone else noted that there  
>>> would be
>>> plenty of warning.
>> For a car person that's true.  The CV's will get to a point where we  
>> will know that it is time to stop driving the car.  For the person  
>> that is not a car person they will drive the car with "that funny  
>> noise" until the CV's fall out or shear.
>> Maybe I'm too negative..  ;-)
> Maybe you're married? :)
  To the WRONG woman ! My wife would know that noise was and change the 
CV herself and when I got home would most likely say something like I 
did the hard part, you start the BBQ.

  No she is not available and she had no sisters :)

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