[Spridgets] Single V belt fan pulley - regular size

Frank Clarici spritenut at comcast.net
Thu Jun 5 21:09:02 MDT 2008

Weslake1330 at aol.com wrote:
> Hi List,
> At the Sprite Jubillee I saw several cars that were running a single V belt  
> on a pulley clearly designed for two.  I guess an air/smog pump had been  
> removed.
> My question then is why haven't these owners, one car which was  particularly 
> clean and tidy under the bonnett, fitted a single groove V belt  pulley?  
The pulley is easy to come by, it's the spacer so the pulley clears the 
snoot on the timing cover that is hard to find.
But I did find one at Carlisle so I can remove the dual pulley on my 67.
And did you know you can run an air conditioner compressor off the dual 
water pump pulley?
ps, the t/stat cover arrived. Thanks

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ

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